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Stride FAQ

Here we will try and answer all your questions about Stride, but if we don’t please do drop us an email

Do I need to book?

We run termly courses that run for 6 weeks at a time, offering you 6 walks for the price of 5, alongside free sling hire, when you pre-book here. Otherwise, just turn up on the day, weekly routes are released on Sundays via social media. Please be aware that the walk will always start promptly at 11am and so we advise you to arrive 10 minutes early to make payment and get yourself ready.

How much is it and how can I pay?

The 6 week courses are £25, payment is taken via bank transfer or Paypal. Or it is £5 per walk. Card or cash at the walk prior to starting.

Are you insured?

Yes. When you attend our walks we are covered with full professional liability insurance that covers you and us for all baby carrying activities.

How soon after giving birth can I go on a walk?

This is very much dependent on the individual and how active you were before becoming pregnant and during your pregnancy. However, as soon as you feel ready it’s a great idea to get the baby in a sling or pushchair and start walking.

The first few walks you may want to stick to flat routes but as your body strengthens, you can start to think about speeding up and including some hills in your walk. It will help to make you feel better emotionally and prepare your body for further exercise. If in any doubt, consult with your GP, midwife and/or health visitor.

 How soon after birth can I use a sling?

You can use a sling as soon as you feel ready after birth, if there have been no complications. Some of the best slings to consider with a newborn have been addressed by Carry Me Slings here.

If you have had a cesarean birth then using structured carriers or anything that puts pressure on your abdomen is not advised. The NHS’s standard advice for the recovery after a cesarean birth states ‘Try to stay mobile and do gentle activities, such as going for a daily walk while you’re recovering to reduce the risk of blood clots. Be careful not to overexert yourself. Only start to do these things again when you feel able to do so and don’t find them uncomfortable. This may not be for six weeks or so. Ask your midwife for advice if you’re unsure when it’s safe to start returning to your normal activities. You can also ask your GP at your 6 week postnatal check