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Jellystone Organic Pendant

£ 12.50

Jellystone Organic Pendant

What is special about these pendants for us?

‘So you master back carrying, and then starts the hair pulling… You have a teething baby who wants to munch on everything going…. For these reasons this pendant has been great for us! It is a perfect companion to your babywearing journey’

Katie, Infant Carrying Consultant

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Product Description

Jellystone Organic Pendant

The Jellystone Organic Pendant are part of the the Jellystone “tuggable” range and include a large chunky pendants secured with a practical break-away clasp and the cord can be adjusted to suit.  An ideal match for Jellystone Organic Braclet.

Easily cleaned with soapy water, a wet wipe or even in the dishwasher, Jellystone Organics Pendants are the ideal accessory for active moms and ideal nursing necklaces.

Dimensions of Organic Pendant: Height 5.5cm / Width 4.4cm / Thickness Approx. 1.2cm

Hanging Length: 40cm approximately

Available in 19 delicious colours.

Jellystone Jewellery is free from BPA, Phthalates and PVC with a fabulous soft-feel and texture. The practical jewellery products are suitable for modern women with (or without) children.

The necklace range includes BPA-free large, chunky pendants and necklaces secured with practical break-away clasps, custom-designed to separate easily when tugged or snagged.

The silicone jewellery pieces not only look great, but are also a non-toxic alternative to regular costume jewellery, ideal for:

  • Active Women – waterproof , odourless pieces suitable to wear whilst playing sport or swimming
  • Gourmet Cooks – heat resistant jewellery that will not support the growth of mould or bacteria
  • Office Workers – soft on wrists and quiet against office desks
  • Childcare Workers -soft & safe child friendly jewellery that is easily cleaned
  • Mum’s with Bubs- perfect for teething babies to tug, suck and chew on or as a stylish nursing necklace

Please note: necklaces are not to be worn by children under 3 years. For full details of the composition of Jellystone Jewellery, compliance tests and additional safety information and guidelines for use, please refer to the table below titled, ‘Specifications”.

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Aqua Tiffney, Blue Hawaiian, Blueberry, Carrot, Eggplant, Fuchsia Bubblegum, Grassy Green, Lime Aid, Orchid Pink, Peapod, Purple Grape, Scarlet Red, Smoky Black, Snow White, Stormy Grey, Turquoise Baja