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Carry Me Slings Workshops

Carry Me Slings in conjunction with the Avon & Bristol Sling Partnership are now offering a range of exciting and informative workshops.

What do others say?

‘Really helpful, step by step instructions and easy guide for new babywearers. Could have been slightly longer!’

‘Really helpful workshop for me as a beginner, there is obviously a lot to learn but it was great seeing and trying some wraps suitable for newborns. 3 hours was a good length. It has definitely increased my interest in babywearing, I will be back for the library meet-ups thank you’

‘Brilliant, a great overview of it all’

To book your place please email the workshops are currently being held at a variety of venues

Bump to Baby Workshop

Our workshops are a partnership of antenatal and babywearing education, brought to you by qualified health visiting, community & babywearing professionals.

You will learn about the benefits of using slings in pregnancy, labour and thereafter. Taking a traditional piece of cloth, the robozo, we will show you how to get your baby into the right position and alleviate many common issues. This workshop is intended for pregnant women and their birthing partners, we will show you how you can support labour progression and help relaxation. This is a wonderful opportunity to find out how you can support mother and baby though one of the most important transitions they go though. It doesn’t stop there because we will also show you how to carry your baby once they arrive in a range of slings and help you to understand the safety issues and benefits involved. The workshops are very active and practical session, we hope they will educate and inform you alongside making you laugh and relax.




“I was experienced in back carrying my older daughter from her early toddler days but I just didn’t have the confidence to do it with a baby (without a buckles carrier, anyway) I now feel like I can really go for it. Thank You”

“Good demonstrations. 3 Hours passed quickly for us adults but was long for the babies particularly practising with them”

“Really lovely clear demonstrations. Great opportunity to try a variety of slings in a calmer environment than the local sling library. Personally I would have really liked to spend more time on a woven back carries and really mastered those. Thank you very much a very enjoyable afternoon!”

“Really helpful – loads of great basic information and techniques.”

“I found it extensive and enjoyable”

“Really enjoyed the workshop! Literally thought 3 hours was a long time but it flew by! I feel as though I have learnt enough to do a back carry confidently. Thank you both – wouldn’t change a thing – liked the build up of buckles, soft structured and woven’s”