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PLEASE NOTE All Carry Me Slings services have been suspended on a permanent basis due to family circumstances. Katie hopes to one day come back to operating the consultancy but for now please enjoy the website on an information basis 💙

Carry Me Slings’ consultancy offers you the opportunity to take advantage of one of our experienced Level 3 OCN qualified Infant Carrying Consultants to educate, demonstrate and talk through all of the benefits of carrying your baby (babywearing) in the comfort of your own home. The different packages are listed below:


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90 Minute Private One to One Consultation

This is for those parents who are new to carrying their infant in a sling and who require an in-depth session. For those who may want to try lots of different slings or who may need the additional time to go at their own pace. This session will cover all aspects of safety and positioning specifically tailored to your families individual needs.

– £35 In your own Home *

– £25 at a Carry Me Slings site

60 Minute Private One to One Consultation

For those with knowledge of slings, who want to fine tune particular skills. For example reassessing infants needs through developmental changes, mastering back carrying or working with woven wraps.

– £25 In your own Home *

– £20 at a Carry Me Slings site

45 Minute Follow Up Consultation

Your top up consultation. Where you can talk over any outstanding issues, tweak carries, master a new hold, look at a different kind of sling/carrier, resolve worries with practical advice and support.

– £20 in your own home *

– £15 at a Carry Me Slings site

Newborn Package

– £50 2 x 60 minute sessions in your own home + 30 minute follow up. The Pregnancy Consultation getting you ready for the babies arrival and then the Newborn Consultation when your baby has arrived. We will discuss all the different carrying options, safety and infant physiology with you  before baby arrives and thereafter a top up on this knowledge with demonstrations and a practical session to get you confident carrying your newborn in whatever sling or carrier you choose.

*Please note the prices above are based on the Bristol radius shown in this map. Carry Me Slings will happily travel outside of this area, but there will be a 35p per mile additional cost.


We are the most established infant carrying consultants in the Bristol & Avon area, we have been providing support to families since 2011 and our feedback and reviews speak for themselves. You will get nothing but professional, insured and up to date knowledge from our consultants. If you have any questions please do call us 07846280720

If you are interested in having a session please contact us at


What the consultations involve:

  • We will demonstrate all the relevant carriers we have in the library available to you, the quantity will depend on the level of consultation you choose.
  • We will investigate the carrier that is best suited to your situation.
  • You can practise using the infant carrier of your choice with your infant (or my demonstration doll if necessary)
  • We will help you understand what is important in a good baby carrier
  • You will learn all about the infants development, specifically the spine and hip, their physiology & psychology in the carrier.
  • You will learn about the benefits of babywearing for both yourself/yourselves and your infant.
  • Receive a hire of the carrier you choose from the consultation*
  • Become an automatic member of Avon & Bristol Sling Library and have access to hire all of our range for minimal costs.
  • Receive quarterly newsletters and join our active social networking forums

*Valid in the full 90 minute consultations & Newborn Package (1 week hire in the 60 minute consultation)

How are consultations different from the support offered at sling libraries?

A consultation is tailored to meet your individual needs, private and fully insured. At the sling libraries we now have qualified and in-training peer supporters who can provide you with a wealth of experience, however these sessions are often hectic and we cannot provide you with a personal service. If you already know what you are looking for, or would like to come and meet like-minded parents then the sling library is for you. If however you are new to carrying your infant, would like to try on the variety of carriers that we have in your own time and pace, need to experiment with advanced carries, would like to know more about the anatomy of your babies developing body and feel that one to one support, in a relaxed setting with ample time, would better suit your needs then a consultation is the way forwards.

What to expect:

We aim to provide a fully personal service, which begins with the Consultation Request Form, a questionnaire to find out more about you and your family. This we will send out to you on booking, before the our consultation date. If you can fill it in and return it to us. When we meet up we will have up to 90 minutes of time to deal with all of your questions and manage your babywearing experience. When we finish we are available on the contact details below to answer any further questions that you have, and to assist with future stages and development. We also offer a top up consultation for 45 minutes in which you may want to discuss progressing to a new carrier as you baby gets older, more advanced carries, babywearing when pregnant and so on.


Are you insured?

As qualified members of the School of babywearing OCN Level 3 we have been eligible to apply for group insurance. We now have full public and professionally liability insurance and this covers the main the sling library, our stock and the consultancy.

Do I have to pay extra to hire a sling if I come for a private consultation?

No, your consultation fee includes the hire fee of the sling. The only additional cost is the refundable deposit but this applies to sling library users too. It is fully refundable on the safe return of the sling in a condition which means it can be re-hired. In the many years I have been running sling libraries  I have never had to keep a deposit yet.

Who did you train with?

We trained with The School of Babywearing UK.  The School of Babywearing™ is a social enterprise that runs a variety of training courses for parents, professionals, businesses and other interested organisations about wearing babies and children in slings and baby carriers. A copy of Katie Richards certificates can be found here:

How long have you been practising?

I have been a practising and qualified Infant Carrying Consultant since 2012 and running sling libraries since 2010. I have 2 children and have actively carried them both.

What if I am on a low income, or cannot pay for the consultation?

If you are on a low income, a student or under 21 years old, consultations are tailored to your situation. This is worked out on a means tested basis for low income/students, and offered for free to those who are under 18.

NICU – Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Since the beginning of this year we have been working with the Southmead NICU to educate the staff and parents about the positive use of slings for kangaroo care. We will be offering parenting classes to introduce the use of slings and carrying your infants. For this reason we have decided to offer all parents coming through this NICU 50% discount of private consultations on site. If you would like to know more please call us 07846280720 or email

Feedback & Reviews

“I thought you were very friendly and welcoming and flexible with times and days etc. It was lovely to meet your daughter and see the slings in action on your little one. I think the £10 a month charge is amazing value for money and you could probably charge double that!”

Clare, November 2012.

“I really enjoyed our consultation and it has given me more confidence to make a foray into babywearing. The ring sling I borrowed is getting plenty of use, and your tips gave me the confidence to start experimenting with some legs out positions (which we are beginning to master!). The leaflets and instructions you left with me were useful. I enjoyed seeing some of the other types of sling in the library, it will be great to expand the library post-raffle so there are even more carriers to see. It might have been useful to have a doll (something more lifelike than my cuddly rabbit!) to help demo some of the carrying positions.”

Helen, November 2012.

“Katie was very professional and reassuring during our consultation. I can sometimes get a bit flustered when dealing carriers, especially if they are new to me so I appreciated her calmness. She was clear in presenting the information about different options open to me for wearing my toddler and offered her own experience as a mother when it applied. All in all, I found our session very helpful and felt much more confident about practising my wrapping as well as about trying a toddler mei tai. It’s been a lot easier since for me to spot and correct problems myself”

Abigail, January 2013

“As a new parent navigating my way through the trial and error minefield of getting from a to b in the happiest way possible, I was greatly relieved to discover the wonderful world of babywearing. By attending a consultation with Katie I was able to find the right solutions for both me and my partner to carry easily and comfortably. In addition to sharing the physical load it also allows our son to feel a unique closeness with each of us and helps us to get out and about as a family at the weekends. Katie talked us through all the different options and tutored each of us in safety and different styles helping us to each find what style works for us at the moment whilst talking us through the options in future for our changing needs. As a former skeptic of the need to book an independent consultation I, for one, will be looking to book another consultation with Katie as our needs change and develop. Thank you Carry Me Slings.”

Katie, P. October, 2013

‘Babywearing 102: back to school’ Blog Review – February 201

‘Babywearing with a Newborn’ Blog Review from Circus Queen – April 2014

‘Katie was so helpful. I’m now a dab hand at tying my sling and my little one loves cuddling up inside it”                                                                                                                                                                                Karen, January 2014

‘Thanks for the sling it was great to try something more instant! Thanks also for the consultation, we’ve been singing your praises ever since!’

Sharon & Alastair, April 2014

‘Thank you for the consultation, I really enjoyed it & found it very useful. It has boosted my confidence that I am using my carrier correctly. I came along to gain advice on back carries and came away feeling very confident that I could do them safely & well. It was a lovely session you were so helpful & friendly. I was also pleased to try a few different carriers as well. It was really helpful to practice in a quiet relaxed environment as it can be a bit overwhelming in the busy meets. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a bit more advice on carrying.’

Leesa, May 2014

“I have nothing but GOOD THINGS to say about Katie at CarryMeSlings. From our first meeting (sling consultancy), Katie has offered us a ton of practical advice, as well as emotional support and encouragement. She is extremely knowledgeable about every kind of sling and so passionate about the benefits of baby wearing. She helped me choose the perfect sling and let me try out loads of options beforehand. Her hire prices are really reasonable and she patiently showed me time and time again how to use each one! **FIVE STARS!**”

Rebecca, May 2014

‘Katie has been totally amazing helping us learn to back carry and use wovens. I couldnt have asked for more, she has gone out of her way to help us more than once’

Yvonne, May 2014

I had a fantastic Skype session on using my baby carrier! It was extremely helpful to be able to connect with a baby carrier consult while living abroad in a country without many carrier resources. Before the consult I was simply not comfortable using the carrier because I was unsure of how to put my baby in a safe position. I was so sad seeing other moms carrying their babies while I was struggling to hold my own baby with both arms and unable to do anything else. Having my baby in a stroller outside or a swing at home meant that at a moments notice she could begin crying and anything else I needed to do would have to stop. After the session I was confident enough to use my baby carrier every day. I love being able to carry my baby yet have both arms free. My baby also cries much less and I am happy having her right with me while going about my daily errands. I have reviewed various websites and online videos but the help I receive during my consult was so much more helpful. I was able to fashion a few changes to the carrier to enable my baby to fit properly. Each mother and baby are different so without a personalized consult it would have been hard for me to create my own adaptations based upon seeing what others were doing with their carriers. A huge thanks to Katie who was just the perfect person to help me. I was a tired mom and her kindness and great advice were most appreciated and needed. My baby Paloma and I are both much happier!  

Erica, July 2014

In short, money and time very well spent!! The consultation was extremely worthwhile and we were able to cover a lot of issues due to Katie having read and understood our requirements perfectly. She was amazingly knowledgeable and helpful and I was particularly touched by her respectfulness towards our little ones (as well as to us). She followed up extremely promptly and I have no hesitation in recommending an individual/group consultation and indeed have already done so!

Irena, January 2015

‘My lovely friends bought me a consultation with Katie as a present when I was pregnant. I was so excited as I knew I wanted to use a sling with my baby but worried as I have a back injury. Katie was absolutely amazing and showed me lots of slings and techniques that would be safe for my poor back. My husband and I tried loads on and not once did we feel rushed or pressured into anything. I would thoroughly recommend Katie, she is brilliant!’

Caroline Featherby, October 2015

‘Fantastic one to one, would highly recommend :)’

Channel Buckingham, November 2015

“So pleased with the sling consultation, well worth the money. I found out which slings suited me, I was shown how to put them on, adjust and take baby out and how to be safe and check that she is positioned correctly. I couldn’t have been made to feel more welcome and every question I could think of was answered with no problem! Now I’ve had a week to use my sling at home and my partner try it on too I can buy one with confidence that it’s right for us. I couldn’t fault anything and would highly recommend to every first time mum!”

Katie Moss-Turvey, January 2016

‘Katie was fantastic, I would highly recommend to anyone looking to get a sling to see her. I’m so happy with the one I’m borrowing, it’s been a lifesaver already’

Claire McGill, February 2016

 On going support:

Our consultants are never far away!  Regular contact will be made if desired to check up on the development of your Babywearing adventures! Monthly or quarterly newsletters will be sent out with the latest up to date information and advice. Our Blog will be updated as often as possible, so follow us on our sling adventures and learn all about the latest trends and growth within our community.


(Image courtesy of Boba Carriers)