Stride in Bristol in partnership with Carry Me Slings is launching on September 12th 2016. We are all very excited about this and wanted to share with you the Stride frequently asked questions. If there is anything that we don’t cover here please do get in touch and we will do our best to answer it for you!


Stride FAQ’S

Why Stride with us?

– Meet other mums and make new friends, as well as explore your local area.

– As you walk with your baby, you introduce them to new smells, sights and sounds in the reassuring comfort of your presence.

– Walking is a cathartic activity with many benefits such as keeping fit, feeling happier, relieving daily stresses and supporting strong mental health.

– Walking is a gentle exercise, which is perfect for mums in the postnatal period. Carrying your baby in a sling is a gentle weight bearing activity that can help postnatal posture and fitness.

– During the walk we can offer advice and support in carrying your baby in the safest and most comfortable way.

– We are here to listen. As mothers ourselves with a host of antenatal and postnatal educational qualifications we can offer support and signpost any information you require.

Do I have to use a sling?

No. The purpose of the walk is to get some fresh air, do some gentle exercise and meet others. However the walks are designed to support those carrying their babies in slings. All walks are buggy friendly though.

What if I don’t have a sling but want to use one?

Stride have partnered up with Carry Me Slings to offer hire from the mobile sling library before the walks. Just contact us and request a slot. It will mean turning up early to the walk, but you can hire a sling from the library for £2 a session. We will then help you find the correct one, demonstrate the sling/carrier and help you with fitting, safety, positioning and any questions you have.

Is the walk buggy friendly?

Yes, absolutely.

How long are the walks?

We aim for 30-40 minutes per walk. 

What about the weather?

We aim to walk in all weathers. If it’s particularly bad we’ll make a judgment that morning and let you know via social media. If it’s raining please ensure to bring an umbrella to protect your baby if you’re carrying them in a sling. If it’s sunny, please bring a sun hat for your baby plus sun lotion (and for you too!).

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing and footwear, appropriate for the weather that day. It can get hot carrying your baby, so you may want to wear layers that are easy to put on / take off.

How do I carry my ‘stuff’’ if I’m carrying my baby?

It really depends on how much stuff you have. We use backpacks, pockets or even a bum bag – remember them!

Can I bring my other children?

Yes of course. Please ensure they too have the right clothing and footwear suitable for that days weather. You may also want to consider how far they can walk and whether they would like a pram or a carry too?

Can I leave my pram, or other belongings at our meeting place?

No, unfortunately we are not able to keep your belongings safe. Please take all belongings with you on the walk.

Do I need to book?

No, just turn up on the day. Please be aware that the walk will always start promptly at 11am and so we advise you to arrive 10 minutes early to make payment and get yourself ready.

How much is it and how can I pay?

£5 per walk with sling hire or £3 without. Card or cash at the walk prior to starting.

Are you insured?

Yes. When you attend our walks we are covered with full professional liability insurance that covers you and us for all baby-carrying activities.

How soon after giving birth can I go on a walk?

This is very much dependent on the individual and how active you were before becoming pregnant and during your pregnancy. However, as soon as you feel ready it’s a great idea to get the baby in a sling or pushchair and start walking.

The first few walks you may want to stick to flat routes but as your body strengthens, you can start to think about speeding up and including some hills in your walk. It will help to make you feel better emotionally and prepare your body for further exercise. If in any doubt, consult with your GP, midwife and/or health visitor.

How soon after birth can I use a sling?

You can use a sling as soon as you feel ready after birth, if there have been no complications. Some of the best slings to consider with a newborn have been addressed by Carry Me slings here.

If you have had a cesarean birth then using structured carriers or anything that puts pressure on your abdomen is not advised. The NHS’s standard advice for the recovery after a cesarean birth states ‘Try to stay mobile and do gentle activities, such as going for a daily walk while you’re recovering to reduce the risk of blood clots. Be careful not to overexert yourself. Only start to do these things again when you feel able to do so and don’t find them uncomfortable. This may not be for six weeks or so. Ask your midwife for advice if you’re unsure when it’s safe to start returning to your normal activities. You can also ask your GP at your 6 week postnatal check’.

If you would like any advice or information about this then you can book a consultation with Katie from Carry Me Slings before you attend the walks.

Any questions for Stride? Drop us an email