Storchenwiege Ring Sling Review

What’s great about ring slings? We love them! Used from birth to toddler, they have a slight learning curve, but once mastered have incredible up and down ease of carry.

I wasn’t sure what I’d reach to first with Jay when she was born. It transpired to be a ring sling, her small new body fit so snuggly inside it and the woven fabric held her just right. As she is growing ring slings still play a big part in our daily sling wearing. Mainly for the afternoon school run when I take the car. We don’t have a pushchair (yet) and so I pop her in one and it makes the dash into school so much more seamless. I carried my older daughter in ring slings until she was about 2 and so I’m sure we’ll continue using them for a while.

Storchenwiege are a great company, who offer in my opinion technically superior woven fabrics for a budget price. They are a family run business, headed up by textile engineers, with their slings originally being designed to carry their families children. The fabric has a really bouncy, yet supportive, diagonal stretch and is made in an environmentally friendly way being free from harmful substances (which is always good to know).

I have been using the Storchenwiege Leo Cafe Ring Sling. It has a gathered shoulder and you can see the colours, diamond weave and definitions well here:


The only downside for me about this sling is the colour, but it wasn’t my choice and luckily if you are looking to buy they have a good selection of colours to take your pick from.

Initially I wondered if the fabric might be too grippy as Storch is renowned for needing breaking in and being thicker with more texture. However I found this ring sling a pleasure to use. The grip in the fabric held everything in place, but yet the fabric still slid between the rings comfortably.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 22.04.17

The gathered shoulder fitted well and hugged me as I tightened baby into position. I didn’t find this pulled up as I wore it and the fabric spread evenly offering great weight distribution and comfort.

I know have tried a range of ring slings in the library and to date this is my favourite. I am enjoying using the Storch woven wraps too and can fully vouch for the comfort their fabric offers you.