Storchenwiege Leo Black & White in a Size 6 Review

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This week I have been using the Storchenwiege Leo Black & White in a Size 6.

A great grippy and dependable wrap.
This wrap has brought back my enjoyment of wrapping. It has reminded me how stable Storchenwiege are as a brand and how good wraps don't always need to always come with a huge price tag.
What do you get when you buy a Storch? Beautiful texture, bold classic colours and two different weaves - a broken or diamond weave. This wrap is a diamond weave.
The fabric is grippy, which for me means that when I tie a knot I know it's going to stay put (and my knot tying is far from any good), also that my passes and tightening's are much more likely to stay in place. These are all great features if you are new to wrapping. However at the same time the grippiness can mean that you spend some time in the adjusting stage to get the right fit, but this is an important stage in wrapping that many people wizz through, when starting out. So taking your time to tighten each rail (section of fabric), pulling through all slack. This is key to a good position both for you and baby.
I also like the fact that this wrap has a different coloured hems this makes finding the right rails for tightening much easier. Storchenwiege wraps have a classic tag in the centre of the wrap and the ends are cut diagonally (helpful for tying off and smooth knots)
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Suitable from birth to toddler but these wraps are great for heavier infants and toddlers. They have double folded hems which support firm edges and tying off. We often do long walks and Jay is a chunky little 4 month old so this wrap was perfect for us.
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