Slings and Carriers for Hot Weather

With the summer months upon us, a few splatterings of really hot, full, bright sunshine days and all the other muggy hot sweltering wet days – it’s time to review what is out there to help you carry your infants.

Let’s start with what we offer in our library. All these slings and carriers are available to hire from us. If you cannot make a sling meet do not worry we offer postal hire too 🙂

The New Boba Air

RRP £54.50

boba air new

We love this carrier. It has all the wonderful, thought out design of the Boba 4G (one of my personal favourite carriers) but has the ability to be folded right down inside itself to a very portable package. It’s ideal for summer because it is ultra lightweight and great for holidays particularly by the beach because it is water repellent. We have the newest version in the library in grey, which supports these new and improved features:

NEW Features:

  • Padded leg openings
  • Breathable mesh shoulder straps with light padding
  • Deep, supportive seat

You can use this carrier on your front and back. With a weight range of 15-45lbs.

If you would like to hire this sling please click here or if you would like to buy it with our summer 5% off code* click here.

JPMBB Physio Carrier

RRP £99.95

This is the all seasons, all situation carrier. So it has a mesh panel at the front body of the carrier which can be used when you are carrying in the heat. The thermal panel that can be zipped over the front of this easily rolls up and out the way. We love the versatility of this sling and the range of adjust-ability features that it offers. You can use this structured carrier on your front and back, with the shoulder straps being able to be positioned in a rucksack style or crossed. Weight range birth to 45lbs.


If you would like to hire this sling click here. If you would like to buy one then please check out the JPMBB website.

Calin Bleu Gauze Woven Wrap

RRP £42.0mystic blue

We have this lovely lightweight, breathable 100% cotton gauze wrap in a mystic blue from Calin Bleu. This style of woven wrap can be used from birth to toddler. However the heavier the child gets, due to the thin material the more advanced technique is required to keep the carrier comfy. Perfect for warmer climates and easy to wrap fabric makes this a must if you are looking for a material sling in the heat.

If you would like to hire this wrap please click here. Or if you would like to buy click here.

Hoppediz Ring Sling

RRP £69.99

San Francisco

Another great way to carry your infant in the summer, if by using a sling/carrier that has less layers of fabric or passes. Making a ring sling the ideal option. This beautiful ring sling by Hoppediz is so soft, straight out of the box. The fabric is a lovely jacquard print, thin but very supportive 100% cotton, breathable fabric.

If you would like to hire this sling click here. If you would like to buy click here.


And what else is available out there?

Beco Cool

beco cool

The New Beco COOL is light but durable, standing up to years of daily use not to mention the COOL back panel for a fresh take on breathable comfort for all those outdoor adventures!


  • Stain resistant/fade resistant
  • SPF 50 UVA/UVB protection
  • Supportive waist belt
  • Large waist belt pocket
  • Padded/crossable shoulder straps
  • Snap-On Hood & Accessory Pouch (Toddler Only)
  • Machine washable


  • Panel/lining: 3D breathable mesh
  • Shoulder Straps: Navy micro-fibre fabric

If you would like to buy this carrier click here.

The Izmi Breeze

izmi breeze

The new Izmi Carrier means that, for the first time, parents and babies can enjoy the soft intimacy of a fabric sling, with the support and comfort of a buckled carrier. Designed by an expert babywearing consultant, and approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, the revolutionary Izmi carrier combines the best of slings and carriers, creating the perfect way for parents to keep baby comfy, safe, and close all day.

The washable, quick drying lightweight fabric, and freedom that comes from the multiple carrying positions available, ensures parents will find their baby’s comfort zone. They can carry them on their front, side, or back; let them snuggle in close, or face out to enjoy the sights and sounds as they go about their day. The supportive design distributes the weight as baby grows, keeping the pressure off the parents’ back.

If you would like to find out more about this carrier of purchase it click here if you would like to try one then we have a standard Izmi Carrier in the library click here.

There are of course lots of other options. But this is our brief run down of some of the top options out there. If you would like any help or would like to discuss this further book an appointment or email

*If you would like to purchase any of the summer slings that Carry Me Slings have in stock then you can do so with a bonus 5% off, please just use the code summer005 at checkout