Natibaby Organic Green Woven Wrap Review 

Size 4

I have wanted this wrap since I started my business in 2013. Green is my favourite colour and Natibaby were one of my first clients, this one particular image and wrap stole my heart.


With no baby at the time to wrap I said it would be a purchase when I did, now baby Jay is here it was something I needed to carry her in. So following the fun I have had with the wrap I am now going to review it for you all.

The first thing I notice about this wrap (and Natibaby in general) is how soft the wrap is when it arrives, no breaking in required for this cotton wrap. The organic material was a must for Jay too as she has very sensitive/eczema prone skin.

The fabric is 100 % cotton and very manoeuvrable. These wraps are breathable and thin, perfect for this time of year and muggy summer days. The fabric has a tendency to be slippy and slides well between passes, making it superb for multilayer carries. This however also requires technique to ensure grip when tying off without loose areas, but the thin material makes for great knotting and finishing. I have tried this wrap in a range of carries, including single and multilayer and it works well, but you do need to take out all the slack for a comfortable ride.

Natibaby offer a range of beautiful colourways, weaves and patterns. However this plain colour was exactly what I was after on this occasion. The bold green holds itself well and is set between a pine and royal tone.


My older daughter now 6 misses being in wraps, particularly seeing her little sister up in carries all the time and offered to help me test wraps for a heavier ride. Even with my additionally weighted tester this wrap held its comfort. But again required lots of tension work, pulling on all rails to get slack out and comfort worked in.

If you like this wrap you can find out more about it and others similar here.