Hoppediz Hop Tye Conversion Review

We have been excitedly reviewing products since the arrival of baby Jay a few weeks ago, who has been the perfect tester for all our current stock (new and old).

The new Hoppediz Hop Tye conversion has been one we have been wanting to review and compare to the original Hop Tye for some time since its release.

Hoppediz brought the Conversion out as an upgrade to the original with some additional features.

The Hop Tye Original has been one of the most popular mei tai hires in the sling libraries over the last 5 years, so a conversion with better features should be right on the money.

The Original Hop Tye is a mei tai, an Asian inspired traditional carrying aid. It is formed from one body panel with straps for the waist and shoulders. The Hop Tye has specially designed features which allows for ease of use from birth to toddler. Such as the adjustable seat width and wide ‘wrap straps’ for comfort and better weight distribution. The long shoulder straps accommodate for a range of parent/carrier body types. The carrier can be used on the front, hip and back.

The new conversion has all these features and is for use again from birth to approx 2.5 years. However it also has the following:

– A new hood that can be used to support the infants head/neck in an optimal position. Alongside improved drawstring in the neck of the body panel to improve fit.

– On the body panel down the side seems they have inserted a gathered section that allows for better pouch fit for the infant

– A new extended ‘bib’ section (which is half an oval in shape attached to the waist band at the front under the body panel) that they suggest is useful for the knot to be placed on. But we also found that actually it offered a flattering postnatal tummy cover/wrap if required.

– New diagonal draw strings on the body panel that help to customise the fit for your infant into the perfect spread squat position (also see ‘M’ position)

– And finally there is also a loop on the inside of the shoulder strap for those of us that wish to twist the shoulders.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 15.56.27

These improvements demonstrate that Hoppediz have listened to feedback and thought about the original features and how they can improve the overall design for better user experience.

What did we think of it?

I have used it with Jay from 2 weeks of age, around the house and also on the school run which is a healthy couple of miles walk. On both occasions I was surprised by the overall comfort, which exceeded what I expected. The wrap straps and waist band evenly distribute her weight making the carrying experience easy, even for long active periods. In my experience also much more comfortable that many of the soft structured carriers I have been experimenting with – due to the wrap straps offering superior comfort on my shoulders.

Jay’s positioning was also good as the many flexible features now allowed me to adjust all the separate parts until it was just as she required (born at 7b11 she has been a good fit from birth as suggested).

Unfortunately the snaps on the side panel adjusters broke on one side meaning that on our second use we had to have them at maximum capacity and were not able to tighten them. This thankfully was not much of an issue for us as Jay is quite a chunk already 🙂 I brought this up with Hoppediz who exchange the item really quickly.

If there are any downsides to this carrier, I would potentially highlight the length of shoulder strap for lighter framed parents or beginners can be tricky to manage. For example the long straps may prove difficult to keep off the floor if you are tying up out of home. However this is easily combatted with practise and additional tying.

In summary I really like all the improvements and can see how this will be a popular choice with parents and should be a must in any sling library. Running alongside the original this carrier may well suit babywearer’s who will be using the carrier for longer periods and who have plans to utilise the adaptability of the carriers features from birth to toddler. Also those parents who are looking for best fit or require additional adjustability in a carrier potential due to usage with more than one child of different ages/sizes.

I hope to see Hoppediz extend their range of patterns and colourways on this item soon.

If you have any questions about this carrier or would like to hire it through our postal sling library please do contact us here.

Carry Me Slings are a UK stocklist for Hoppediz and you can purchase this a carrier and others with us here.