Emeibaby Carrier Review

We have the EmeiBaby carrier in our sling library, and for sale here at Carry Me Slings, with it being a very popular carrier and also after a request from another mama on our Facebook site for me to review it, I have decided to put my own thoughts down here:


The carrier we have is the organic green Emeibaby and being that green is my favourite colour then it already, ascetically, is very pleasing to my eye. You can see from the picture that the carrier is not just green and that the waist and shoulder padding comes in black to balance out the carrier.

You can get these carriers in a range of designs. The material panel which forms the body of this carrier is actually made from Girasol woven wrap fabric (newer designs now being made are also from a range of popular woven wrap manufacturers). As examples you can alternate the organic green panel with patterns such as Antigua, Bunt, Grey and Chameleon (the shoulder and waist padding comes in black or you can get full colour carriers). The carrier is suitable from birth to toddler. Emeibaby also state that the carrier is suitable for parents from XXS to XXL due to the adjustability of its features. Emeibaby do a infant and a toddler version of this carrier and the dimensions are below:

Baby Size: Newborns, babies and toddlers from 3 kg (6.6 lbs) up to 18 kg (33 lbs).  Toddler plus Size: From 1 – 3 year (max. 18 kg / 39,6 lbs). For mums, dads, grandads, grannies, uncles and aunties and so on.

The Toddler Plus emeibaby carrier is much bigger than the baby size and is meant for parents who start babywearing with emeibaby after the first year or want to babywear even longer than when the baby reaches 15 kg / 33 lbs. Back panel toddler size is 7 cm (2,8 inches) longer and 3 cm (1,2 inches) broader.

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The Emeibaby carrier is considered a hybrid soft structured carrier; this is because it offers the easiness of backpack style carriers, or buckles, with the flexibility and comfort of wrapping. I have used this carrier myself and seen many parents use it in the library and through consultations, and there is a very high success rate with it. I have found it so supportive on the school run, in which we walk a good few miles. You can also breastfeed in the sling which has made my life much easier on occasion (please note that breastfeeding in a sling is something that requires practice, master both breastfeeding and using a sling before combining them. If you require any help see your local babywearing consultant).


The carrier itself comprises of all the main features of your standard buckle/structured carrier. It has a padded waist band and attached to this black webbing and a standard buckle clasp.  It also has the customary padded shoulder straps, which are fully adjustable with a range of webbing following them from their peak to the main section of the carrier. The body of the carrier as mentioned has been made out of woven wrap fabric which is soft and dependable. It has the same features as many woven wrap materials in that it has no give vertically and horizontally but then provides just the right amount of give diagonally to support your babies spine and back comfortably as they sit in the carrier. The material body is connected to the shoulder straps via an integrated sling ring system, like you would use on a ring sling, this is the unique selling point of this carrier for me. These rings allow you to adjust the fabric panel to a range of sizes around your infant. You do not need to have a newborn insert with this carrier.


Putting my own newborn into a range of slings and being particularly interested in how well she sits in them, this sling won many stars in my eyes for how well it supported her. This good position is something the carrier maintains throughout the different developmental stages your baby goes through all the way up to toddlerhood.

I have a very positive view of this carrier. However on occasions parents have fed back to me that the carrier has not adjusted as much as required if they have a very small frame. In reviewing the carrier and its adjustability at the waist bands tightest I feel you would have to be below a UK 8 for this to really be a problem…

Overall I would give this carrier a 9/10 it is up there with my favourite SSCs. If you would like to have a go you can hire this from us at one of our sling meets, postal hire or consultation. If you have any questions post them below and I will try my best to answer them 🙂


If you are looking for some instructional videos on how to use the carrier you can find them here: