Beco Ring Sling Review

We have been gifted a Beco ring sling to review in Ocean which is a great teal colour.


I have a real soft spot for ring slings, they are what I mainly carried my first daughter in and reached for first at the birth of my second child. I find them convenient, quick and easy.

The Beco is designed to be a simple and affordable sling, it’s one layer of 100% cotton fabric at approx 74″ it is a one size fits all. With aluminium rings and a gathered shoulder. Beco have done a coloured row of stitching on the fabric edges for definition and to easily find your rails.

The first thing I noticed was how soft this sling was out of the box, it slid easily through the rings making adjustments easy. I worried over time this may make the hold slippy (and will comment again once it has been well used in the library) but after a wash the fabric had maintained its softness, but has enough edge to be grippy when carrying.

The price is very reasonable for a ring sling at £49.50 and we love the gathered shoulder, it fans out smoothly over your shoulder and the soft well hemmed edges are not diggy. If you want more information about shoulder types please see here. You can also purchase this sling with us here.

This sling is great for new parents and expert sling users alike, you can roll it up very compactly so it can go under the buggy for quick ‘up and downs’ with a toddler, or just in case on the school run.


If you have any questions about this sling please do ask us!