Beco Gemini Review

How could we not review this carrier! It is one of the most popular carriers in the sling library. Even with the Ergo 360 and its new more ergonomic seat arriving on the market, the Gemini still beats it on sling hires. So we ask ourselves why and have put it through the mill!


This is a 4 in 1 carrier and it offers front inward facing, front outward facing, side and back carrying positions. For this alone it really does offer parents lots of different options.


It has really padded shoulder straps which can be worn in either a rucksack style or crossed over the back. This offers parents a choice of comfort and suitability positions. The carrier has a padded waist band also which offers additional weight distribution.


The Gemini is suitable from birth to toddler at a maximum of 32lb. One of the benefits of this carrier is that it does not have an insert for newborn babies from 7lbs plus. The seat has two different positions which can easily be snapped from one to the other with poppers. Smaller/newborn infants are seated on the smallest setting and as your infant grows you can adjust and put them on the larger setting.


Negatives with this carrier… My Jay is 5 months in the picture and although quite chunky I was surprised at how well she filled out this carrier. The seat is smaller in width than some other soft structured carriers, which makes it perfect for smaller babies, however if you are looking to carry for sometime like I plan too this may not have the desired longevity.

Positives, this carrier has been the go to carrier for so many sling library users over the years and for new parents or parents who are new to slings this is often the carrier that gets chosen. Why? Parents tell us that this has the biggest comfort levels in comparison to other carriers, that the ability to cross the straps at the back really helps with being able to carry for longer periods. That this carrier is easy to use, with little or no babywearing experience and can be functional for both mum(s) or dad(s). It is also very pretty and has many different current and stylish patterns.

Have a look at the carriers main features here:


As with any sling or carrier, they can be as unique as we are, what will work for some people will not for others. Beco also offer a wider seated carrier called the Beco Soliel, this only has three carrying positions and if you are interested in a comparison of the two carriers have a look at this chart:


Comments on outward facing. The Gemini offers an outward facing position, which provides a more ergonomic carrying position than some of the other mainstream popular outward facing carriers. However it is still a narrow based seat and does not offer as much of a curved seat (to offer the spine and pelvis the tilt and natural curve (state of kyphosis) they potentially require for development and comfort) as some other even more ergonomic carriers on the market. Outward facing is an emotive and somewhat controversial issue for some. In my time as a babywearing consultant there have been some families that require, want and suit this form of position and there are also those families who this would be detrimental too. You need to consider all the relevant information about this, alongside your infant, their development and personality.

Our overall thoughts on this carrier are that it is a great all round buckled sling, it will always have a place in our sling library, even if we do out grow it shortly!