Baie Slings Damask Skulls Review

(pronounced Bay)

With an up and coming photoshoot details to be released nearer the time, I have been gifted this beautiful Baie Slings Damask Skulls to play with.


Contains: 100% Combed Cotton

Thickness: 267 g/m2

Released: 24th September 2015

Length: 4,6m



This is such a soft and genuinely luxurious wrap. When it arrived it was one of the softest cotton wraps I’ve ever come across. Baie inform you of its loom state and that it needs washing before use, once washed EVEN softer… I am in love with it!

We took the wrap with us to the Balloon Fiesta and tried it out whilst working, showing it off to anyone who wanted a peak! It got rave reviews and one of the main comments, when told the name of the wrap, was ‘where are the skulls?’ They are well hidden in that clever Damask pattern and this makes it an eye catching and intriguing wrap. I’m aware that Connecta have collaborated with Baie and used this wrap for one of their carriers. The Damask Skulls is a limited edition!


As I was using it it felt so deep and accommodating I had to measure it to see if it was, funnily enough it actually came up shorter than many of the other wraps in my collection at approx 67cm.

These wraps have tapered ends and small discreet markers, centrally on both rails. The rails are sewn alternating on patterns that can be worn either way up. I like this, it’s soft and not over commanding by the brand.

Negatives? I do like my tapers to be slightly longer and I am not personally keen on skulls on wraps (however well hidden) but no negatives so far about the wrap. Thoroughly enjoyed using it and will be purchasing from Baie soon!!